Why Purpose Isn't Everything


I know you’ve heard that everyone on this earth was created for a purpose and for so long I struggled with finding what my purpose was. Throughout my young adult years I would see my peers doing things that seemed so meant for them, meanwhile, I was still floating through life trying to figure things out. People would ask me “what are your hobbies, what are your interests, what do you like to do, what are your talents” and I simply replied with some generic answer that wasn’t at all the truth. Truth was - I didn’t know the answers to these questions.

How could I not know the answers to questions so simple? What is my purpose?! Annoyed with myself was an understatement. All I could think to say was I like music, I like to read and I like spending time with my family. Blah as f*CK. I began to realize I didn’t even know myself enough to answer these questions. I didn’t spend enough time with myself to have the answers.

What is my purpose?!

First of all, I had to educate myself on what purpose is. Purpose is not just something that you decide matches your personality. Purpose is something that your soul was designed to do. Something that when you find it, it feels like it was meant for you. Purpose is the why behind it all. Purpose is the deep reason for your existence.

Some people are lucky enough to find this “thing” early in life. Some people are fortunate enough that purpose finds them. Others, like me, have to go on a self discovery journey to find it on their own. Spending time to really find my purpose was filled with mindful practices like meditation, yoga and journalism. Throughout this journey I discovered my purpose in life is to heal others through testimonials of my own experiences. Discovering this had me feeling like YES! I found my purpose life is lit I’m about to be super happy, peaceful and successful………………………………………………………

To my surprise, purpose wasn’t everything I needed. I knew what I was meant to do, but I didn’t know how to apply it in the world. The fact is - if you’re looking to achieve remarkable, fulfilling and phenomenal success, you must have two components: passion and purpose.

Passion is the flame that gets the fire going and keeps it going. Passion is the feelings and emotions behind what you do. Following your passion while living out your purpose is the ultimate life goal.

Passion combined with purpose guarantees that you are doing something your soul was designed to do while still fulfilling your desires as a human being. I discovered that my purpose is to help others heal through testimonials of my own experiences, but how do I apply that to my life? How can I fulfill this purpose as a human being?

A person can be passionate about many things, but you must find something that connects with your purpose for the ultimate life fulfillment.

Regardless if you find your purpose early in life, if your purpose finds you, or if you have to go soul searching for it - each journey is rewarding in it’s own way. The first step is investing your time and energy into yourself. Remember, you are your best investment.


Hey, my name is Deesha. CEO of She Elite.

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