To The Girl Without A Plan


Hey girl, my name is Deesha - the stategist. I heard you are going through life without a plan that guarantees you success, happiness and fulfillment. Well, I am here to help and whether you know it or not you’re about to crash. So pour up a drink, because you’re going to need one.


I am going to read you to the T, because I once was you, I know you, and sometimes even though I have a plan I might slip up once in a while and become you all over again. First things first, let’s pinpoint the reason you do not have a plan.


The Problem

You have time - this one here makes me laugh because I bullshitted around for a long time doing whatever pleased me for the moment not even thinking about my future. Simply because I felt like I had all the time in the world. Truth be told, our days are numbered and we don’t even know the count. You do not have time and who ever is telling you that you do is not your friend.

You’re misguided - Ladies, it’s hard to be guided by your internal consciousness when you do not spend time to hear it out in the first place. You let society, social media, and the influence of your peers tell you how you should live your life and what is going to make you happy.

You want to do it all - this was me - and sometimes still is. You think to yourself I want to do this and that and some of what she’s doing too. You have so many interests that it’s hard to choose just one and put your plan into action.

You don’t know how to plan - Planning is not for everyone and it can become overwhelming when you look at all that needs to be done in order to reach your goals so you just give up in discouragement before you even begin to see results.

You are not disciplined - You create a fool proof plan, you’re looking forward to the results, you try your best… but you don’t stick with it long enough to see results. You fail to commit to the promises you make yourself.

It is so important to know yourself because that is how you can determine what is blocking your success. What is your barrier from reaching your goals in both life and business?

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There are four A’s in overcoming your barriers. Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Actions! When you pinpoint what your planning problem is you have become aware that there is an existing problem and you have acknowledged why this existing problem is blocking your goals. In order to accept the problem and move forward it’s best to understand how beneficial planning is for your life.

The Benefits

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready

In other words, having a plan allows you to foresee your future and prepare accordingly. If you can anticipate certain situations that may cause trouble along your path to success you can mentally prepare for it and prevent losing track of the goal. A plan will not prevent bad things from happening or getting in the way of your success, but it will help you be proactive rather than merely reacting to situations as they arise.

Get gps-like directions

A strong plan gives you guidance on what needs to be done to reach your goals, a time-frame on how long it will take and if things go left instead of right - you have a road-map to come back to and pick up where you left off.

Keep all your goals aligned

If you’re like me there are so many things you want to do with your beautiful life - and you can do whatever you put your mind to. However, you can’t do everything at once. Having a plan provides you with the blueprint to align each goal so they all fall into place like dominoes. I call this #thedominoeffect

Encouragement & Inspiration

Seeing your goals lined up with a realistic time-frame inspires you to put in the work to reach your goals. While you follow your plan and cross off goals as you accomplish them - it encourages you to keep pushing to the finish line.

Right now, is the moment that can change the entire outlook of your life. All you have to do is one thing - accept the fact that you need to decide where you want your life to go and put a plan in action! It is up to you to create the life you want to live. Take this moment to release all negative self-doubt, excuses and past failures from your mind. This is the turning point in your life for a successful, prosperous and fulfilling future.

Meditation Exercise:

Sit quietly in a room where you can find peace and solitude. Allow yourself 5-10 minutes of silence. With your hand on your chest, focus your breath to create deep inhales and deep exhales while you feel your chest pull and push your hand outward and inward. Practice on releasing all negative self-doubt, excuses and past failures from your mind. Acknowledge these thoughts and let them leave your mind with a long deep exhale. Re-focus your mind on your goals in both life and business. With each inhale accept the fact that these goals WILL become your future. Create a vision of yourself living out your goals. Enjoy the remaining time living out your day in the future tense of your created life. Once the time is up, slowly open your eyes and bring your self back to the current. Grab a journal and immediately write out exactly what you saw and what actions need to be taken to achieve that life.


Hey, my name is Deesha. CEO of She Elite.

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She Elite is designed to help women find balance and live a more mindful life.

Finding balance results in total well-being for better performance, better relationships and better health.

We focus on mindfulness because it teaches us how to take control of our mind, body and surroundings to create that Elite lifestyle that we all desire.