Meditation - For Brown Girls


You know what? I’m tired of being the strong one. There, I said it.

Just like all of you I go through things that can pull me away from my goals and focus in life. But I’m a woman, I’m a mother so I put my cape on brush that shit off & keep it pushing. Some things in life I had to go through alone, but that made me the #girlboss that I am today. So I’m good right? Super Blessed. Matter fact, I’m too blessed to be stressed… right?


Why is it that us women feel we can handle all that life throws at us? We have the stress of working hard for the life we want to live, taking care of our family, finances, comparison, the pressure of being accepted in society, the pressure of not coming off too strong minded, and squeezing in a lil self-care so we don’t lose our self in the process. Then let’s not voice our frustrations too loud, because then we’re ungrateful, naggy, aggy, bitchy & miserable.

So what can we do to clear our mind? - meditation.

Now before I go into this I want to tell you about my first experience seeing someone meditate. A friend of mine and I went to this high class spa, super fancy, super dope, it was beautiful. When we entered of course we were the only brown girls in the whole entire spa. No worries, I’m used to being the only one in the room when I step outside my lil familiar box.

So listen, we decided to go in the sauna and just relax a little bit before our massage. As soon as we open the door there are two white girls in there meditating. We almost immediately walked out. But we just looked at each other like WTF and quietly sat down. Still staring at each other like ummm what is going on we watched as these two women calmly sat there in silence looking as if they were in their own little world of peace. For some reason their stillness demanded our respect and we sat quietly until they were done and left.

When they left of course we tried to “meditate” and it didn’t go well at all. We laughed, peaked at each other, and thought about everything else besides being still in the moment. This whole encounter had me wondering what level of peace do you have to be at to sit still with a clear mind not caring who is around you or where you’re at? I wanted to try again, I wanted to learn more.

The more I researched the practice of meditation the more intrigued I became. The benefits it provide to your physical and emotional well being had me ready to jump head first into the mindful meditation experience. Here are some of the benefits below:

The Benefits

  • reduces stress

  • provides a sense of calm, peace and balance

  • increases self-awareness

  • reduces negative emotions

  • increases imagination and creativity

  • increases patience and tolerance

  • manage medical illness (anxiety, pain, depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure, etc)

  • lengthens your attention span

  • reduces age related memory loss

  • creates positive thoughts and vision for your life

  • better focus

  • deeper concentration

My experience meditating has definitely generated a better sense of awareness. Not just of self, but of the entire world around me. My vision is clear, my focus is set and I know exactly what my future self will look like. The best part of meditating is that you are visualizing your self how the inner-you chooses to see. Not how the world views you, not how your family views you, not even how you see yourself in the mirror. It’s about who you are inside.

I challenge you to dedicate 2 minutes of the day to you. For your mind, body & soul. Use those 2 minutes to sit quietly some where you won’t be distracted. Sit up straight on the floor or in a chair and take long deep breaths throughout your body. Start with sending the air to four parts of your body. Breathe in to fill your stomach, let the air travel to your chest, then to your neck, and lastly to your head. Hold. Then release your breath down from your head, your neck, chest and stomach. Repeat.

Work on controlling your thoughts and aim towards clearing your mind. Your mind will wander, that’s okay. Acknowledge the thought and dismiss it. And most importantly, take your time. I’ve included a habit tracker to help you keep track of your daily meditation sessions. Click the link below to download!



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