Cheers To Me! - Why you should celebrate at every level

Hey my loves today is a great day and also my second day of school. I am proud to say that I am finally a future esthetician. Yes you heard me right. Finally a future esthetician. The struggle has been real real just to get to this point so I am completely grateful and I’ve learned to celebrate my wins at every level.


I’ve always known I wanted to work in the field of beauty however life has always been in the way. Distraction after disappointment I ended up putting my true goals on the back burner to do “what worked” for the moment.

Back in 2011 I went to a beauty school by the name of Continental School of Beauty for their cosmetology program. Being a young mother caused a lot of struggles that I just wasn’t mentally strong enough to get through at that time. Unfortunately I let self doubt take over and I dropped out of school.

During my short time in the cosmetology program I did however get to practice a variety of skills. I found that I gravitated towards services normally performed by estheticians. There’s always purpose in your set backs. God always has a plan bigger than yours.


Years later in 2017 I decided it was a great time to pick up where I left off and apply to Continental again, but for the esthetics program this time. Disappointed again, they denied me from re-enrolling at the school.

Crushed, I went back to the drawing board and decided to go harder at my corporate job because there were no other schools for esthetics in my city. Trust God. When a door is closed, a better one is about to open. 


My corporate job saw something in me and that was passion. Passion to succeed. Passion to lead and passion to help. This led me to be promoted to a team lead at my job within 8 months of being with the company! I was happy and felt like that might be where I belonged, completely forgetting about my goals and doing “what worked”. It sounded good to me at the moment and I was content.

After a month into this new position my fiancé came to me so happy that he just got offered to transfer his job to Charlotte, NC! It was always our dream to relocate to Charlotte and there was a bomb esthetics school I admired so we rejoiced together - until I thought “wait, what about my job?”


Ok, let’s stop here. At this point I had two choices. #1 decide its best to stay in my position and live an average life doing what works OR #2 take a risk move to Charlotte and take advantage of the new opportunities.

Well, we chose option #2 and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. With that option I was able to get promoted AGAIN to a work from home position with more money - less work - and flexibility to make time for school and my family.

I manifested hard on this school in Charlotte. Aveda Institute was written on my vision board. I called to inquire and set up a tour for my first week there. Immediately, I fell in love with the school until I heard the price and remembered how Continental School Of Beauty denied me and my financial aid. 

Honestly, I almost let self doubt win again but I applied anyways. What the hell right, why not? One thing I learned on my journey of self development was that God loves resilience. God loves when you bet on him and take risks full of faith and hope. I got accepted, financial aid approved and I only owed a small balance which was paid in full before I started classes. When I say God is good you better say ALL THE TIME!

As I look back at this story I can only wish I didn’t get so down or depressed on the doors that closed in my face or the opportunities I felt that I missed. I wish I could’ve just saw what God was about to do in my life. Truth is, we will never know. All we can do is follow that inner guidance, take the risk, trust in God and celebrate at every level! 

What goal do you have that you feel you gave up on? Start now and pick it back up because it’s never too late. Acknowledge it, Accept the challenge and take action-today! Celebrate your small wins all the way to the top! And remember girl, you got this xoxo