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Hey, I’m Deesha

I started my blog She Elite to document my journey of finding purpose and gaining clarity on my life goals.

On my journey I realized you need more than just a positive mindset to reach what I was searching for. To truly live an elite life, you must achieve an overall balance of your mind, body & soul.




Maintaining a clear mind is the best way to ensure that the choices you make are intentional. Intentionality creates the tools necessary to embrace the law of attraction and reach your goals. You attract into your life what ever you think about. That type of energy can only be created with a clear mind. Overall, a clear mind is the key to a balanced life.


Your body is your temple. Do you keep your temple clean, worshiped, at high value, in good shape? Between a healthy diet, meditation, self care, and exercise a healthy body sets the stage for your day-to-day well-being. Maintaining a healthy body creates a glow that will radiate out, so much so that it will show your true beauty from the inside out.


Your soul is designed to find purpose on this earth. Some say follow your heart, but I say follow your soul's inner guidance. As your soul steers you, the choices you make will align you to the right place for the right opportunity to present itself to you at the right time. Do you believe in coincidences? Synchronizations? Have you been noticing things just falling into place?





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I was so honored to read her words, and so happy she had such a great experience! She allowed me to share her blog on the Syracuse Yoga site. Thanks Deesha!

-Sophie Tashkovski


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